A Q&A with GOSA

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival will make its way onto the CocoWalk plaza on Saturday, February 19th starting at 4pm with a LIVE art activation featuring GOSA and everyone's favorite panther. We sat down with Victor Gosa to discuss his passion for art, how he named the panther, and his plans to create an unforgettable evening.

Victor Gosa, better known as GOSA, has always been a lover of the arts, after being inspired by the growing art scene in Miami, he made a name for himself in 2017.
His collaborations range from Art Basel activations to collaborations with the Miami Heat, and now CocoWalk!

1) How did your love for art begin?

My father actually loves to paint, when I was younger, he introduced me to art by teaching me how to sketch marvel characters. I grew out of sketching and painting for a while in my teen years to focus on things like baseball. Then in 2015 I started a marketing internship in Wynwood and noticed the huge art scene and got to attend Art Basel. The art in me suddenly re-emerged and I fell back in love with art. I started painting little by little, and growing from there. I started with small commissions as a part time job and eventually was able to turn it into my full time career.

2) How do you build your live art activations?

I’ve always looked at live art activations as if I were creating a music video. I always admired how artists would come out with a (music) track and then create a cover designed for the track and then perform around that design. Seeing that I thought to myself, the cover art is the canvas for the entire piece. I start by doing a photoshoot of myself in the style of art I’m planning to do for the activation, then I design the marketing promo for the activation and establish my performance. I’d use the marketing promo to gain attention from vendors and create collaborations. As I began to become more established with the vendors in the art community I have been able to build on my activations and make them more extravagant. I’ve started adding in DJ’s, smoke grenades, lighting, and different concepts to grow the entertainment aspect of the art. I like to create a really exciting atmosphere because I want the guests to stick around, I know they get bored just watching stroke after stroke of the brush. I like to keep them on their toes so they stay for the most important part, the end, when they get to see the final piece.

3) What inspired you to collaborate with CocoWalk?  

I’ve always loved Coconut Grove, I used to visit back in the day when there were several night clubs and Thursday night college nights. The Coconut grove Arts Festival (CGAF) is a staple event in the neighborhood…I began consulting for CGAF this year. For the 58th year of CGAF, we kept the tradition of creating the arts festival poster but we also made it the first ever NFT poster. It was a way for us to show that we have a modernized approach for the 58th year. Keeping in mind the modernization, I saw CocoWalk and knew that I wanted to collaborate. I loved that I would get to paint a sculpture at the famous place I would visit as a kid.

4) You named our panther. What’s the story behind that?

Yes – I named her Coco the Purr. Coco for CocoWalk and Coco Chanel. When I think of Coco I immediately think of something bougie, like a person or thing. If you’ve walked around CocoWalk it’s kind of bougie. There’s a great crowd, older people with nice jewelry, it has a New York vibe to it. I wanted to make sure the art represented that feeling of being fancy and bougie. I started to look at the sculpture and couldn’t decide if it was a Panther or a Jaguar? I couldn’t decide but I knew they both purred and it reminded me of the current TikTok trend on purr. So I thought this was the perfect way to tie together a social media component into the name and decided on Coco the Purr. Which is perfect because I’m even planning on adding jewelry to the art piece.

5) What was your inspiration for the final Panther design?

I took a look at Cocowalk and noticed it was very minimalistic. Everything is very sleek and grey with earth tone colors. I wanted to make sure that Coco the Purr would be able to stand out. I wanted to add bright colors to make her really yell at you when you walk by. I gathered a lot of graffiti elements like splatter paint and started putting that together to start creating the visual of what it was going to begin looking like.

Don’t miss an incredible LIVE art experience with GOSA, Saturday, February 19th at 4:00pm in the CocoWalk plaza.

For more information about Victor Gosa visit his website artbygosa.com or follow him on instagram at Victor Gosa

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