Meet PLANTA Co-Founder Steven Salm

He’s the patron saint of plants and the leader of our plant-based revolution.


Q: What inspired you to open PLANTA?
A: After educating myself about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, I felt an obligation to transform society’s perception of plant based living. I am a spirited entrepreneur and wanted to make a contribution with the goal of changing the way the world views plant based dining. Eating entirely plant based for almost 6 years has made me experience so many incredible benefits that drive me to make this lifestyle the way of the future.

Q: What is the most rewarding part about PLANTA?
A: I could never answer with ‘one thing,’ but the energy, excitement and thrill from our guests is probably the most driving and stimulating reward I can think of.

Q: What is your grand vision for PLANTA?
A: This is it, and it’s happening now. Building a hospitality collective that truly transforms and disrupts the restaurant space. A community where people, places, plants, and the planet can all co-exist in harmony.

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