Glow at Home

2020 was a rough year for our skin. From the stress to the quarantine eating, to the mask, our skin is in desperate need of some TLC.

Pamper yourself with our 6-step, Bluemercury-inspired, at-home spa routine to help you revive your skin, brighten your complexion, and relax your mind.





Refresh with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, removing all traces
of dirt and make-up without stripping your skin of
essential moisture or disrupting your skin barrier.






Step 2. TONE

Revive with La Mer The Mist, housed with a live
internal magnet that helps continually charge
the ingredients for optimal results.





Step 3: MASK

Lift with 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening
Facial Treatment Mask, promoting healthy
complexion and the perfect accessory
for a spa-day selfie.






Step 4. TREAT

Brighten with BeautyStat Universal C
Skin Refiner a powerful Vitamin C serum patented
to reduce irritation and create a healthy glow.








Hydrate with iS Clinical Reparative
Moisture Emulsion with powerful antioxidants
that rejuvenate and help reduce the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles.








Sculpt with Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar, a
breakthrough tool
that helps to make skin look
lifted and toned. The Gold Bar is 24-carat gold-
plated relieves built-up tension, with every vibration.






Protect with Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF
40 for a bright and glowy complexion that’s
protected from Florida’s harsh UV rays.

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